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Calf Mixes - kibbled mix of maize, barley, broll, soya etc and molasses. We can formulate with up to 20% Protein.

Pig Meal, formulated especially for pigs.

Rabbit Pellets
also available:
Dry Matter 89%
Protein 17%
Fat 2.6%
Fibre 15%
Ash 8.8%

Facial Eczema - calves, sheep, goats, alpaca etc are susceptible to it during summer/autumn - we normally get our FE readings from Asure Quality, but with the lockdown we're relying on Levin Horowhenua Vets for weekly local readings.

We have a kibbled mix with Zinc added to it for FE - $29 for 25kg (as at Apr2020) 
We've added the zinc oxide at a rate of 6kg per tonne, the recommended dose for FE prevention is 2.5gm of zinc/day/100kg animal - so for our mix if you are feeding a 100kg animal, it needs to eat approx 416grams of the kibbled mix.  We can vary the rate of zinc to match the animal being fed, within limits (zinc makes it bitter)

Facial eczema reports are now available at this website...