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We have all sorts of horse feed. For example Racehorse mix, or we have the All rounder. Maize and Molasses. Just let us know what horses you have and we will advise on the best feed.

Calf Pellets. We can formulate with up to 20% Protein.

Pig Meal, formulated especially for pigs.

Rabbit Pellets
also available:
Dry Matter 89%
Protein 17%
Fat 2.6%
Fibre 15%
Ash 8.8%

Alpaca Pellets with or without zinc (for Facial Eczema control)

Alpaca feed with Zinc is also good to feed to your sheep, or better still, we've got Multi Nuts with zinc (which you can feed to sheep, cows etc)

Ideally sheep need 8grams of zinc/head/day. The pellets give 10grams/kg.
If you feed the sheep 800gms/hd/day it should be fine, introduce the pellets slowly to the sheep and ensure there is a good source of roughage and water available at all times

Facial eczema reports are now available at this website...