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Roto Chook Garden

As seen at the Hamilton Pet Expo!
3 Models available
Up to 48 square metres of planting area.
Easy monitored green feed control to give the 10% desired portion intake.
250 full day rotation allowing planting harvest of vegetables & return planting of green feed mixture.

Area of housing suits up to 12 Hens
( 8 in the compact model.)
10 Litre water dispenser. ( Compact & standard model.)
2 Nest boxes, unique radius fronts to deter perching & subsequent fowling of nests.
Outside access to nest boxes for egg collection.
Deep nests to give privacy to laying Hen which stops scratching out of litter which can cause broken eggs & egg eating.
10 kg Feed hopper with outside filling.
( Compact & standard model.)
Large easy access door.
Trap door to shut off garden run in bad weather, keeping Hens, pets & children safe.
Deluxe added features - 30 litre reserve header tanks to ballast drinker. Integrated irrigation system. 30 kg hopper as well as rodent trap & bait station.